Marketing / Sales
• Pharma & Medicinal Technology
• Nano- & Microtechnology
• Renewable Resources
• Asia
• Cultural Awareness Training

Quality Assurance
• Quality Systems
• Audits
• ISO 9000

Technical Development
• Project Management
• Regulatory / Registration

Corporate Development /
Corporate Strategy

• Business Development
• Licensing / Partnering
• Alliances Management
• Portfolio Management
• Merger & Acquisitions
• Due Diligence

Tytonis Operations works as a partner within an independent network of highly experienced and skilled individuals who have worked successfully in the industry for more than 15 years. Our four key focus areas are project management, business development, quality assurance and cost reduction in production and maintainance.

Tytonis business philosophy is not »one consultant that covers all«, but a multi-facetted team with synergistic skills that offers clients »one stop shopping«. We combine unique expertise in improving and accelerating businesses, and share our well established international business development expertise.

All senior advisors of both the pharma and engineering team have worked in key positions in Asia, being responsible for either business development or industrial production facilities.

We have a proven track record of building efficient quality systems, and in the successful introduction of life-science and technologically advanced products.