Tytonis B.V.

Tytonis B.V. employs experts with more than 15 years experience of management. Tytonis B.V. is our strategic partner and provides synergies to the services of Tytonis Operations in the areas Corporate and Portfolio Strategy, Valuation, Intellectual Properties, Licensing, Financing, Legal and Business Development.

More information can be found on their website (please see below).

Tytonis B.V. itself is also part of a larger network, called »Pharma at Work« to which Tytonis Operations has also full access to enhance the value of our service to our customers. This network approach allows us to provide you flexibly with the resources you actually need. Your preferred partner from the network will deliver the services and – if required – will call »on board« further resources from the network, and in times of high or urgent demand, such as due diligences, even additional manpower. This means you will get experienced managers when you need them.

Website: www.tytonis.com